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Who We Are

Southern California United Brothers and Sisters of Sierra Leone (So-Cal UBSSL) is a volunteer-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our members reside primarily in Orange County, Inland Empire, and the greater Los Angeles area of Southern California.

So-Cal UBSSL focuses on the unification, growth, educational, and economic well-being of Sierra Leoneans at home and in the United States.

All for the Advancement of Sierra Leone

View the So-Cal UBSSL bylaws here

Mission Statement

We invite individuals, organizations, and corporations to create partnerships with Sierra Leone to reach our ultimate goal of being a peaceful, prosperous, and powerful Sierra Leone. Here in the USA, funding will be used to promote positive native traditions and culture in the local community and render financial assistance in the form of scholarships to the deserving students in need in Sierra Leone.

We strive to inspire the community to participate in the efforts of helping the poor in Sierra Leone by delivering a message of hope that lifts spirits and touches hearts. So-Cal UBSSL will work towards creating a bridge from Sierra Leone to the United States of America over which investment, tourism, education, health care, clean water, and other vital needs will be easily accessible

Vision Statement

We envision the development of a global Sierra Leone society that nurtures and celebrates the genius that lives in all of Sierra Leone’s children, wherever they may live, for the ultimate benefit of us all.

M​eet Our Management Team

Abdul Kassim


Abdul Kassim is the newly re-elected President of the organization. He previously served as Treasurer for over two years and as president for over ten years before that. Abdul has double Master's Degrees: an M.Sc. from the University of Wales in the United Kingdom and an M.A. degree from California State University in San Bernardino. His leadership skills have ignited a renewed spirit of community activism and inspired a new generation of Sierra Leonean humanitarian ambassadors. Abdul is married to his beautiful wife, Millicent, and is blessed with four children.

Vice President

Mrs. Maureen Possible Kargbo is the elected Vice President. She is a Registered Nurse who believes in helping others, especially the less fortunate. She is married to her lovely and outgoing husband Mr. Saidu Possible Kargbo with a child.

Maureen Kargbo

Francis Gbondo


Francis Gbondo is the newly elected Treasurer . He previously served as President for over two years, and as Secretary General for over eight years before that. Francis believes in the bold ambition of realizing the organization's vision and has embarked on the journey of giving hope to the hopeless. Francis is a California Licensed Civil Engineer and a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP). His leadership skills have ignited a renewed spirit of community activism and inspired a new generation of Sierra Leonean humanitarian ambassadors. Francis is married to his beautiful wife, Jengo, and is blessed with wonderful children.

Secretary General

Bunting Smith is the elected Secretary General. He attended Bishop Johnson Memorial School (BJMS), Freetown, Sierra Leone where he was a head boy. Bunting has a B.A. Degree from Peoples’ Friendship University in Moscow. He is married to his amazing wife, Florence, and has two lovely children. He strongly believes in treating everyone with dignity and respect and in giving others the opportunity to succeed will make this world a better place.

Bunting Smith


Our Members


2019 Event President's Message

“Distinguished patrons, guests and members of UBSSL, Good Evening.


Tonight, is a very special night for our beloved organization; as we the membership of the United Brothers and Sisters of Sierra Leone (U.B.S.S.L.) welcome you all to our country Sierra Leone’s 58TH independent celebration. We are always happy to see you all and we want to take this opportunity to thank you all very much for joining us this evening.

The members of The United Brothers and Sisters of Sierra Leone are always proud of our operations in Sierra Leone. Transparency is the cornerstone of any organization as it is very vital in winning the trust and confidence of people. At this point, we would like to inform you all that last year we raised about $20,000 which was $5,000 lower than the previous year. Our expenditure in hosting our events last year was about $10,600, leaving us with a net intake of $9,400. Thus far, we have spent about $10,900 in Sierra Leone for the 2018/2019 financial assistance to some of the students we are sponsoring. In BO Town, 14 high schools and 1 university students were sponsored while 11 high school and 12 university students were sponsored in Freetown. A total of 38 students were sponsored this year.

Thanks to the current government of Sierra Leone for introducing free education for Elementary and High school students. According to published information, each student received 4 text books and stationary supplies. As a result of that, U.B.S.S.L. gave each high school student $100 which is a reduction by $50.00 compared to the previous years but continues to award the same $400.00 to each university student. Our vice president Alhaji Ansu Fofana and Mr. Possible Saidu Kargbo who happened to be in Freetown at the time of the award ceremony, attended the ceremony which was held in December, 2018. All the parents and award recipients were very happy to see them. Based on their reports to us when they returned back to the U.S. the parents and students pleaded for U.B.S.S.L. to continue to sponsor them at all levels because they were informed at the award ceremony, that the membership of UBSSL had taken a decision of just focusing on sponsoring the university students because of the free education offered to elementary and high school students. According to them, they are grateful for the assistance from the government but it is not enough to cover the remaining school expenses. We want to take this opportunity to inform our supporters that despite the launching of the FREE EDUCATION in Sierra Leone, it may be too early to drop the sponsoring of students at all levels until such a time when we are sure that the assistance provided by the Sierra Leone government is sufficient to cover all educational expenses. We will revisit the issue of reinstating the sponsoring of students at all levels during our next couple of meetings.

Each one of you here are sponsoring those students in Sierra Leone. Therefore, we would like to again thank you all and to continue appealing to you for your continued support as we may resume full financial assistance to the high school students again.

At this juncture, we would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to our last year’s golden sponsors’: - Mr. Paxton Gangert of Crown Toyota who donated $3,000.00, National Life Group donated $500 and Mrs. Isatu Timbo-Nowokedi donated $500. Wow, Mr. & Mrs. Mahmood Timbo saved our day last year after the unresolved technical problem for the DJ’s musical instruments by donating another musical instrument that saw us through the night, thank you both.

I would also like to recognize and thank the entire membership of this organization for giving me the privilege/opportunity of serving in the capacity as President for the last 12 years. The flight has been for most the parts very rocky and bumpy. In my quiet moments, I do search my soul for reasons yet looked for the source of courage to rally our limited membership to accomplish and confront the challenges; in some cases alone, and in other instances, as a united front. Some of the feelings will stay with me for life.

I also want to take this opportunity to inform you all that this year is my last year of delivering this speech as President of UBSSL, but I will still remain a member of the association. I will therefore continue to appeal to all of you here tonight to continue your usual support to this group and the children of Sierra Leone and the very few here in Southern California. I assure you that this organization will continue to strive at being the very best.

God bless Sierra Leone, God bless the United States of America, and God bless you all. Please enjoy your evening. 

Abdul Kassim


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